The new RE/MAX Ability office based in Sparta Lakonia is part of the RE/MAX international network. RE/MAX is today a international real estate giant.

An important part of its strength is its strong global presence. It is a strong brand name in real estate services internationally and its network exceeds 8,200 offices in over 110 countries worldwide.

The purpose of our office and our main concern is the provision of high quality services and upgrading of real estate transactions in our area, based on internationally recognized RE/MAX levels.

We deal in real estate, luxury real estate, professional real estate, holiday homes and land sales. We target the local market, nationwide but also worldwide, through our RE/MAX network.

Broker Owner of our office Sovolos Manolis, fulfills the criteria of a successful broker, having experience in sales, market knowledge and training in all matters. The valuable staffing of our office by our highly skilled Partners, assures us that we can satisfy every need of our clients with confidence, building a strong relationship of trust with them.

Our goal: RE/MAX Ability to be synonymous with successful real estate transactions. No one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.